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Download Free WhatsApp 2017 for all types of phones

Download Free WhatsApp 2017 for all types of phones

A brief summary of the WhatsApp 2017 program:

Whatsapp 2017 is still considered one of the best chat and chat programs for mobile phones and modern phones such as Iphone, Galaxy, Samsung, Android, Blackberry phones and other types of mobile phone.

Whatsapp is an application that classifies and highlights the most important chat applications through text messaging and voice calls that have been added recently and sharing photos and videos between your family and friends wherever you are, making you more connected with your friends and family. Before Facebook for $ 19 billion, where the mechanism added several advantages after the purchase of these benefits of voice activation feature, which led to an increase in the spread of the new 2017 among users worldwide.

WhatsApp 2016 is a universal class of the best chat programs because it is the only program that works with the lowest speed Net and you can exchange text messages and share pictures and files easily, WhatsApp 2017 program works on all networks such as the second generation and the third generation in a wonderful and excellent and also works on networks If you have a new generation network, it gives you high quality and fantastic speed in exchanging text messages and sharing pictures, videos and files. The program is the first in facilitating and facilitating business among businessmen, through which How to send all files and everything related to your work in an easy and secure because it is characterized by security and protection.

Some information about Whatsapp: –

With the great development witnessed in the world in recent years, especially with the proliferation of smart phones, Android programs have become very demanding of users, especially those programs that enable them to communicate with each other such as “WhatsApp” or Facebook Messenger or Line these applications got great fame For example, the download of the program Whatsapp for Android free link APK direct to more than one billion downloads on the Google Play store because the application of Whatsapp or Whatsapp Messenger or correspondence Whatsapp provides advantages than any other messaging program, for example, You can create groups or so-called chat rooms that allow you to connect with more than one person in one. Downloading Whatsapp is the latest version. It is very easy to download and receive messages. Below is a direct download of the APK format, which is suitable for Android phones. Other versions are also available for all phones such as Whatsapp for iPhone and iPad,  for Blackberry, Whatsapp for Nokia, Whatsapp for Apple and all other phones. This includes Windows XP, XP, and Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, by downloading WhatsApp for a computer program .

Here are some of the features of the new Whatsapp program:

  1. Works on all cellular devices, computers and laptops.
  2. Prepares and classifies the most secure and secure programs.
  3. It is characterized by high speed and low speed Internet.
  4. The voice call feature is very high quality.
  5. Easy to handle and simple to design.
  6. Ability to create unlimited chat groups.
  7. The possibility of using more than one number in one device.
  8. The possibility of saving a backup copy in case of scanning.
  9. Send photos, videos and files with ease and speed.
  10. You can communicate with your friends at the lowest speed.
  11. Almost all languages are available. Summary of Whatsapp 2017.
  12. Chat and messaging via text and voice messages.
  13. It was bought by Facebook for $ 19 billion in 2014.
  14. It is used by millions of users and sending more than 20 billion messages a day.
  15. The most famed and important businessmen are employed in their practical and public life.
  16. No one can penetrate your account.

Basic Information About WhatsApp 2017: –

Release Date:2017
Software License: Free.
The official website of the program: whatsapp.com
File size:  depend on phone type.


Download whatsapp 2017



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